Sadly what one website has become
When the site is up and running, which is not often.

Some people like sheenaSIG, I preferred the old photoSIG.
If you began on photoSIG back in 2002 you would have found a well rounded busy photography website.
photoSIG was a place for quality photo critiques and a place to exchange photography information freely and open.
Where photographers of all skill levels helped one another with knowledgeable comments and critiques.

Quality Photography Critique Websites Suggestions Replacing photoSIG

Fred Miranda - - DP Review - PBase - Aminus3 - Smugmug - Flickr -
Photopoints - 500px - ModelMayhem - ipernity

Sheena Wilkie turned photoSIG into her own personal website sheenaSIG.
  photoSIG has become the most over administrated photography sharing website on the Internet.
Sheena locks pictures, she forces compulsory critiques that meet her idea of photography.
She will delete a your comment the forums or a picture post if she just does not like what you are saying.

Sheena at one point deleted all of her forum threads, just another example of her odd behavior.
Past administrators say she even reads the photoSIG internal emails of members, but just a rumor.
What once was a community of photographers has become a self promotion venue for Sheena Wilkie.
At this point Sheena has run the site into the ground, and now owns what is left. So she claims.

Sheena Wilkie made this website public when Sheena posted a link to it on July 25, 2008 in photoSIG's forum.
Why did Sheena make the photosig forum post, what was her real motivation? I never found out how she found the website.
If Sheena had not linked to sheenaSIG in the photoSIG forums no one would have found this website.
My account was deleted but not for anything I had done on photoSIG, just defending myself.
My Bio is now restored with some nonsense in the bio description, typical of Sheena's odd behavior.

If you want to express your concerns about the Administration on photoSIG just email Willis Blackburn ie: Boyce it will not help.
Willis may have sold the site to Sheena but it is still in his name as of January 2014, the site is often down due to server malfunctions.
Sheena took over the website and as of January 2014 it is dead, stick a fork into it, she has ruined photoSIG.

Willis Blackburn no longer runs photoSIG he gave the administration up to Sheena Wilkie to pursue his Wall Street job.

If you find any information on this website to be incorrect please contact me so I can correct the information.

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